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Sometimes personal levels of debt can reach such levels that, given your income, it is literally impossible to ever pay off the debt. Often times this debt comes from unavoidable expenses such as medical bills. A bankruptcy action allows a legal way to help persons in Green Bay and the surrounding area with hopeless levels of debt to regain their financial footing with dignity. The law allows you to discharge (eliminate) your unsecured debt by filing a bankruptcy action either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. This process protects you from debt collectors and allows you a fresh start with greatly reduced or entirely eliminated debts. Schedule a free initial consultation with Attorney David Daul to assess your case. Attorney Daul will look at your history, level of debt and determine your eligibility for a discharge. Our process is personal and respectful to persons experiencing one of the most difficult times in their life. Our staff will promptly file your qualified claim to maximize the discharge and meet your goals. Bankruptcy often involves working out arrangements to keep your home and vehicle. We educate our clients about what is possible under the bankruptcy code. We carefully listen to the problems you may be experiencing and craft your bankruptcy plan expertly and competently. Our process is individualized, results in the discharge of unsecured debts and allows our clients to resume their life.

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Buying or Selling - We've Got You Covered

HouseAs we enter Spring families begin their search for a new home and homeowners begin thinking about downsizing or increasing the size of their homes.  This means more houses on the market, many of them, ”For Sale By Owner”.  If you find a house that is being sold by the owner, who will help you with your paperwork?  Who will look out for your best interests?  The purchase of a home is the largest purchase a person will make in their lives, don’t take a chance that all will be in your favor.

Our attorneys are well versed on real estate, both the buying and the selling side of the transaction.

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Do You Have a Motorcycle License?

WisDOT - Did you know that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has a "Law of the Month" section on its website? You do now.


March's Law of the Month revolves around motorcycle licensure. Motorcyclists will be pulling their bikes out of the garage very soon and are required to be licensed to drive. Find out all about it at http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/news/law/

If you've made the mistake of driving without your license and gotten caught, our attorneys can help you through the Court process.

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Landlord - Tenant Issues?

Landlords and tenants have often found themselves on opposite sides when it comes to moving out. Especially if there is lack of communication on either side. So many variables come into play when a tenant is moving out, not the least of which is:

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What can they take with them?

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Is your security deposit also your last month’s rent?

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What about the water bill?

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Is there any unpaid rent?

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Is there a valid lease?

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Did the tenant give proper notice?

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What is the last day of occupancy?

What can they take with them? Is your security deposit also your last month's rent? What about the water bill? Is there any unpaid rent? Is there a valid lease? Did the tenant give proper notice? What is the last day of occupancy? If you've found

yourself on either side of a Landlord/Tenant dispute, let our attorneys help you work things out.

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Collection Issues for Small Business

Small business owners have to wear many hats. One of them, unfortunately, is collecting past due accounts. This one, is most times the hardest one to tackle and the first one put off for another day. The biggest problem is it hurts the bottom line. Hard. When customers don't pay for the services you have rendered them, it can be a detriment, and sometimes, it can break a small company.

Our attorneys have vast experience in helping business owners collect debts in the Brown County Small Claims Court system from customers who owe them. Let them help you work through the process and put your mind at ease.

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