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Action For Private Nuisance and Trespass.

People are often unaware of where their own property lines are.   There is even the circumstance where people actually build or erect structures on a portion of land that does not belong to them under the mistaken belief that they are building on their own property.  Examples can include fences or pole buildings.  In some rare occasions even more substantial structures such as garages or home additions.   When this circumstance arises the builder is often reluctant to remove the structure because of the cost and because, in their view “what is it hurting?”   In this unfortunate situation arises with a “bad neighbor” you are not without remedy.  Wisconsin has several statutory causes of action that form the basis for a civil lawsuit to force the offending party to remove the structure.  In addition you must ask the court for an injunction and most likely claim also the intentional torts of Trespass and Nuisance.  All of which come with their own categories of damages.  This type of lawsuit is often very complex and you will need an experienced attorney to assist you through the process.  Please contact Attorney David Daul at (920)437-8191 for a detailed consultation. 

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