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Action for Specific Performance

There may be a situation wherein an agreement to purchase real estate has been properly reduced to writing yet one party chooses or refuses to convey title to the property.  This commonly happens in several circumstances.  The most frequent is a circumstance where the seller learns that he or she has agreed to sell the real estate below its value and becomes aware he could get a greater purchase price from a separate buyer and thus decides not to close the transaction.  If you are the buyer you are not without remedies.  You may bring a lawsuit under Wisconsin law for “Specific Performance.”  That is where you ask the courts to order the Seller complete the sale or convey title to you by judicial order.   If you find yourself in this situation, the legal process will require the assistance of a competent legal professional.  You may be able to recover additional damages depending on your situation as a part of your legal claim.  Attorney Daul is prepared to assist you with the process.  Please contact him directly at (920)217-1240. 

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