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Claims against municipalities such as a Town, Village or City may come in several forms. A claim could arise as a result the negligence of a city employee or because the city acts in a way that causes citizens harm. Such claims may be as simple as a minor automobile scrape due to a negligently driven municipal vehicle such as a garbage truck. Or claims may be quite serious involving personal injury. Wisconsin laws require that such claims must be made directly against the city or other municipality within 120 days of the injury or be barred. You must act quickly in making such claims against the city or other municipality therefore. Further if the claim is ultimately denied by the municipality a formal complaint must be filed in circuit court within 6 months of the denial or be time barred. These claims tend to be very difficult to prove. The government is entitled to many types of immunity for its conduct and most tend to be reluctant to pay legitimate claims. Tightening municipal budgets are making this more and more common. Considering the difficulties and time limitations in bringing such claims you may wish to consider retaining Wanezek and Jaekels to assist you. Our lawyers, Attorney David Daul in particular has handled many of these claims and is prepared to advise and assist you. Do not lose your right to compensation from the municipality because of a technicality. Call or email for a free consultation.