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In some unfortunate situations, you may have experienced substantial financial loss through the actions of your financial adviser not due to fluctuations in the market. Such losses could arise which reflect negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and unsuitability of investments, among others, that have nothing to do with fluctuations in the market.

The agreement that you sign with your financial adviser will probably provide that your dispute must be resolved through an arbitration through a government agency known as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”). This process requires you to submit a complaint through FINRA and then submit to an arbitration by an impartial third party to resolve your claims with your investment adviser. The process is usually mandatory, does not provide you with a right to a jury, and further does not provide you with a right to an appeal. Therefore, you only have one opportunity to get your claims framed correctly and put before FINRA for resolution. Your financial adviser will have extremely skilled lawyers to defend the claim and you would be at a substantial disadvantage if you attempted to prosecute your rights without legal assistance.

Our firm has handled many of these types of claims with very good results for our clients. If you have complaints involving loss of worth of your portfolio which you believe is not related to market fluctuations, please consult with Attorney David Daul who has substantial experience in these matters to discuss the matter in greater detail.

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