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While it can seem unpleasant discussing what happens to your property and/or money when you are gone, it is necessary.  Especially if you have children.  It is even more so in today’s world of blended families and families in which the parents have decided not to marry.

What happens to your children when you have passed away?  Will they be provided for?  Have you recently been divorced?  How about remarried?  Who will stand to inherit your property and money when you pass?  How about the probate process, will your family need to deal with this?  And, will there be large tax consequences to how your money and property are transferred?  Wisconsin has very specific laws on this subject.

Your attorney can help you assess your needs and how you want your possessions to be handled upon your passing.  Things can happen in the blink of any eye.  The attorneys at Wanezek, Jaekels, Daul & Babcock, S.C. can assist you with your estate planning needs.