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Green Bay, Wisconsin tenants are sometimes personally injured within leased premises.  For instance, the tenant of an apartment complex may injure themselves when a balcony railing gives way, a staircase has a defect, or any other circumstance where the property results in injury to the tenant.  The landlord is not immune to civil liability for such defects.  Under certain circumstances, if the landlord was aware of the defect and did nothing to repair it, or attempted to repair the defect and the defect results in injury to the tenant, then the tenant may have civil claims for liability against the landlord.

Very crucial in any analysis of such a circumstance is what the landlord knew, or reasonably should have known, with regard to the defect that caused injuries.  Often there is ambiguity as to what the landlord actually knew; however, in some circumstances where there was a negligent repair, it is unquestionable that the landlord was aware of such defects.  If you have experienced such circumstances, please call contact Attorney David Daul at (920)437-8191 for further consideration.

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