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Many employers offer group employee benefits policies offering coverage for short term disability and long term disability (LTD). These policies of insurance are usually governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). When an employee becomes unable to work through disability the employee may apply for short term benefits under the policy. If the employee meets the definition of “disabled” under the policy then the employee will receive short term disability benefits. Short term disability benefits are only paid for a short period, usually only 24 months at the maximum. If the employee’s disability persists the employee may then apply for LTD benefits. Many policies contain provisions that define what “disabled” is differently for LTD benefits. Often the degree of illness or inability to function is much higher for continued receipt of benefits. Because the definition for LTD benefits usually requires a much higher level of disability such benefits are often denied by the insurance company. Many times the denial is done unjustly because of an overly conservative or unreasonable view of the employees problems. Unfortunately employees only have a short period of time to fully document their claims for LTD which is why it is very important to consult with an experienced legal practitioner when LTD benefits are in question or denied outright. Having legal representation can make the difference between having no benefits and all benefits of LTD. LTD benefits are often crucially important to persons so disabled they can no longer work. Attorney David Daul has handled many of these cases including litigating these cases in Federal Court. Call for your free consultation today at (920)437-8191.