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For practicing attorneys, it is well known that in order to preserve your right to appeal a particular issue, you must bring that issue to the attention to the circuit court. This is called the forfeiture rule. However, pro se litigants typically are not knowledgable about the procedural aspects of the legal system and probably wouldn’t be aware of that fact. However, application of the forfeiture rule is no different for pro se litigants. In Townsend v. Massey, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals found that one does not preserve legal arguments on appeal by simply raising a related issue at the trial court level, even if the person appealing is a pro se litigant. Because of this forfeiture rule, it is even more important to ensure that you have capable legal representation at the trial court and appellate court levels. Contact our firm for assistance with all of your legal needs. The experienced attorneys at Wanezek & Jaekels can help you determine your appellate rights.