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All branches of the Armed Forces have statutorily created boards which review service members records, upon application, for errors, injustice or omission and correct these where the applicant reaches a certain standard. These changes can run from the routine, such as obtaining orders for an earned awards or more substantive issues such as correcting points used to calculate military retirement pay. The service member does not have to be on active duty and may apply for correction after discharge from the armed forces. Small changes can have dramatic effects on calculating pay and entitlement. However these claims must be brought within a limited period of time so the service member must be prompt in bringing such claims. Although the application process is not complex, supporting the application with citation to applicable regulations and legal standards is sometimes out of the reach of applicants without a legal background. Attorney David Daul is also a JAG officer in the Army Reserve and has many years of experience with legal military matters. You should consider consulting with Attorney Daul if you believe you have records that should be corrected by one of the military boards of correction for military records.