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Out of State Judgment Enforcement

If you have obtained a judgment against a debtor / defendant that lives out of state your judgment your ability to collect on the judgment is diminished.  For instance, a Wisconsin judgment will not show up on title commitment when someone out of state decides to sell their house and your judgment will not be a payable lien at the time of sale.  It is advisable to “Exemplify” your Wisconsin judgment in the state where the debtor/defendant lives and owns assets.   This process does not occur automatically.  Typically you must order an authenticated transcript of judgment from the clerk of the courts in the County where the judgment was originally obtained.  Once you have this transcript of judgment you must follow the specific procedure outlined by the statutes of the state in which the debtor/defendant lives.  This can often be very perplexing and difficult.   Our law firm routinely does this for plaintiff and the owners of judgments and we can assist you.  Please contact Attorney David Daul at (920)437-8191 for a more detailed explanation of the process.