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Most homeowners own a policy of insurance that covers damage to their property in the event of a catastrophic loss, such as fire.  These policies often contain provisions that cover for losses associated with damage to the home or its contents.  One area of constant dispute between homeowners and insurance companies is whether or not the claim is excluded under the language of the policy.

Your insurance policy will have numerous “exclusions” which will likely exclude some or all of the loss from coverage.  Your insurance carrier will invariably seek the broadest possible application of these exclusions, often in a way that is unreasonable or unfair.  If it is the case that you are in a property damage dispute with your insurance carrier, you should consult the experienced attorneys at Wanezek & Jaekels, S.C. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our law firm is local, experienced and ready to assist you with your insurance related property damage concerns.

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