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Property Line Encroachments / Neighbor Is On Your Property

Property owners often encounter problems with "encroachment" onto their property from an adjoining property owner.  An example of this might be a situation where a neighbor is mistaken as to where the property line is and builds a structure, such as a garage, pole barn or septic system beyond his own property lines and onto yours.  Often the encroachment is small but it can still have substantial negative effects on your property.  For instance it may reduce the value of the property and its potential resale.   The required Wisconsin real estate disclosure form used in real estate sales requires a seller to disclose known encroachments.  This may scare off a buyer who is otherwise interested in the property.   Further since fixes to encroachments are usually not cheap or easy the encroaching party often fails or refuses to remove the encroachment.  This situation arises often and results in disputes that may lead to the necessity of retaining a lawyer.  Fortunately the law offers a variety of remedies that can result in the moving of the encroachment.  Where the encroaching party refuses to comply, the matter may have to go to court.   Such cases are technically complex requiring specialized knowledge of the law to properly request the needed relief of the courts.  Attorney David Daul at our firm has handled numerous such disputes over the years and is qualified to competently and efficiently assist you in resolving your encroachment issues.  Please contact Attorney Daul at (920) 437-8191 for a free consultation.