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In Green Bay, Wisconsin, there are often circumstances where another person has possession of property that is legally yours and refuses to return it.  Such cases may not quite rise to the level a criminal theft but nonetheless, because of a dispute between parties, one party is in possession of property that may not belong to him. The attorneys at the law firm Wanezek & Jaekels, S.C., discuss your rights and often help you recover your property.

Some examples may be business associates parting ways dispute what property belongs to who, an accountant who refuses to return accounting records, a former employee who refuses to return a piece of equipment owned by the employer, and an ex-boyfriend who will not return property (among endless scenarios).

Such circumstances can be extremely frustrating to the lawful owner. This is especially the case if law enforcement will not get involved because it is “a civil matter.”   However our civil courts do provide a remedy.  The remedy is a “Writ of Replevin,”  that is, a court order to one party to hand over property, usually with an order to the county sheriff to assist in the recovery.

In Wisconsin, the Small Claims court has jurisdiction to recover property up to a certain value.  Some property of higher value must be put into “high side” court.  Regardless, the process is complex and there are certain specific pleadings requirements.

If you find yourself in such a situation you should consult with Attorney David Daul to advise you on how to recover your property. Attorney Daul and the lawyers at Wanezek & Jaekels can help you legally recover your personal property, assist with conversion claims, and advise you on a variety of legal property issues.