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On some occasions where an employee is injured on the job, the injury results in permanent restrictions.  These restrictions can be so severe as to totally prohibit the employee from not only performing his/her former job, but any similar job that requires certain physical tasks. Where restrictions limit job abilities, the employee may be required to seek retraining or additional education so he/she can re-enter the work force. Fortunately, our law firm understands Wisconsin workers compensation law and can help you determine your legal rights.

Wisconsin law provides that an injured employee may apply to the the Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for an evaluation to determine if additional training or further education will be required to allow the employee to return to the work force.  If the state determines such re-training is required, the employers workers compensation insurance carrier may be responsible for the expense of the re-training or additional education. This expense may include tuition, books, tools, mileage and associated expense.

Workers compensation insurance companies typically dispute such claims.  Both the evaluation process through the state and resolving disputes with the workers compensation insurance carrier is very complex.  These cases often require the assistance of an attorney experienced in Wisconsin workers compensation matters.

If you were injured at work and find yourself with job limiting restrictions and the need for retraining or education, do not hesitate to contact Attorney David Daul for further consultation at (920)217-1240. Attorney Daul is a lawyer at the Green Bay Wisconsin law firm of Wanezek, Jaekels, Daul & Babcock, S.C. Our attorneys and staff will help you determine your rights under Wisconsin’s workers compensation and related labor laws.